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TELUS & Magnite Tie-Up to Boost Streaming TV Landscape

TELUS Corporation (NYSE: TU) recently joined forces with Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI) – a leading global sell-side advertising company. TELUS has adopted Magnite's SpringServe ad server and Magnite Streaming SSP as its preferred ad technology solutions in Canada, paving the path for a new era of digital advertising in the country's streaming TV business. Based in CA, the United States, Magnite (formerly known as the Rubicon Project Inc.) is a global provider of ad-tech solutions. The company's omnichannel advertising platform enables publishers to monetize across all auction types and formats, including CTV, desktop display, video, audio and mobile. The partnership is forged at a critical juncture when the television industry is undergoing rapid evolution, with consumers increasingly embracing the convenience and flexibility of ad-supported streaming. Magnite has highlighted in its research that 74% of Canadian audiences are currently watching streaming TV, in contrast to only 51% who are tuning into traditional paid TV. TELUS has been at the forefront of this transformation by rolling out Free Ad-Supported TV channels ...