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Pioneering the Future of Healthcare: Welcoming Esteemed Board Members

PathFree Technologies proudly announces new Board of Directors members, experts crucial to launching DataSyteAiCLS and AiMediQ products. Their diverse expertise will drive their mission to revolutionize healthcare technology. Irvine, CA July 10, 2024 --( PathFree Technologies' Solution Introducing DataSyteAiCLS PathFree Technologies has developed DataSyteAiCLS, a revolutionary software designed to improve outcomes in cardiac life support. By integrating advanced AI with medical expertise, DataSyteAiCLS aims to reduce errors and enhance patient care during critical procedures. The Revolutionary Impact of DataSyteAiCLS The potential impact of DataSyteAiCLS is immense. With the ability to increase survival rates from 10% to potentially 15% or even 20%, this software promises to save countless lives. Its advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis help healthcare professionals make more accurate decisions, reducing the likelihood of fatal errors. The Vision Behind DataSyteAiCLS DataSyteAiCLS brings the vision of having the collective knowledge of the best medical minds available at the touch of a button to life. It provides doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals with instant access to the expertise of top cardiologists and specialists. The Future of Healthcare with DataSyteAiCLS PathFree Technologies' long-term vision includes continual advancements and improvements in healthcare. With DataSyteAiCLS leading the charge, the future looks promising, with the potential to save countless lives and improve the quality of care. Welcoming Esteemed New Board Members Neil Sahota - Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Neil Sahota brings a wealth of experience as a United Nations Advisor, IBM Master Inventor, and Tech Coast Angel. With a proven track record of guiding Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions into the digital future, Neil’s leadership will be instrumental in steering PathFree Technologies toward new horizons. Leadership in Digital Transformation Neil Sahota’s expertise lies in digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create impactful solutions. His role as a United Nations Advisor has seen him work on global initiatives, fostering innovation and sustainability. At IBM, as a Master Inventor, he developed numerous patented technologies, showcasing his ability to drive technological advancement. His involvement with Tech Coast Angels highlights his commitment to nurturing startups and guiding them toward success. Driving Commercial Success As the Chief Commercial Officer, Neil will focus on commercial strategy, ensuring that PathFree Technologies' innovations reach ...