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American Public's APUS Launches TuitionWise Program

American Public Education, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: APEI) online postsecondary education provider, American Public University System, Inc. (APUS), introduced the TuitionWise program. Designed to assist companies in recruiting, retaining and upskilling employees, the program addresses the challenges of the current competitive job market. The education benefits program reduces costs for eligible participants by offering no out-of-pocket tuition when combined with employer tuition assistance. The program includes an APUS partner grant available to U.S.-based organizations meeting minimum tuition assistance standards. TuitionWise enhances an employee tuition-assistance program by potentially offering courses with no upfront tuition costs, facilitated through a combination of APEI's tuition assistance and an APUS partner grant. It targets companies committed to advancing their employees' education. The company's APUS segment offers an appealing education partnership for organizations aiming to retain and attract top-performing employees. Its new program enhances accessibility to higher education by providing a partner grant, waiving application fees, covering undergraduate books and offering free transfer credit evaluation. Focus on APUS Segment Bodes Well APEI has undertaken several initiatives to improve enrollment trends, enhance student persistence and reduce cost pressure. The company ...