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Enphase Energy Introduces IQ Battery 5P in France

Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH) recently unveiled IQ Battery 5P, its most potent home battery solution, to the French solar market. This battery comes with a storage capacity of 5 kilowatt-hours (kWh), and in conjunction with ENPH's new IQ8 microinverters, IQ Battery 5P can provide dependable energy to residential clients whenever they desire it. Benefits of the Launch With the entire Europe quickly moving toward electrification, it is imperative to mention that France has the fifth-largest solar deposit in the European region. This offers a solid growth opportunity for efficient storage solutions like those provided by Enphase Energy to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply. With enhanced power, robust wired connectivity and a better commissioning experience, ENPH's new Enphase Energy System with the IQ Battery 5P will now offer a significantly enhanced experience for both solar homeowners and installers across France. With the IQ Battery 5P, homeowners can take charge of their energy future with a durable and scalable energy storage solution. Furthermore, French homeowners may now check performance and control their battery systems intelligently using the Enphase App. Therefore, with its latest introduction, Enphase will undoubtedly reach out to more homeowners and installers in France as they are increasingly adopting solar energy and aim to ...