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IG Global Group clients to share 'record-high' bonus pool after strong 2024

LONDON, July 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- IG Global & Savings are paying "record-high" bonuses of £4m to clients after their start to 2024 being strong, with better than expected revenue, up 10%, and profit up 23%. The Istanbul owned, U.K. based savings group made a huge operating profit, which pushed up its margin to 18% — among the highest in the AI trading sector. IG Global & Savings boosted its 2023 performance with a strong Q4, which was up 9.4%, including "outstanding" growth of 38% in the UK, where there was increased client demand for their consistent algorithmic trading and consulting. IG Global had already upgraded its forecast twice during 2023 and annual organic revenue growth of 10.1% was more than double what it had predicted ...