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Diös Fastigheter's Interim Report Jan-June 2024

ÖSTERSUND, Sweden, July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial conditions have gradually improved during spring, which we've noticed in an increased level of leasing activities and a more active transactions market. Northern Sweden has become more firmly positioned as the growth region of the country and we are experiencing continued interest in our cities. During the second quarter, net leasing totalled SEK 11m, EPRA NRV increases by 2 per cent and we have decreased our loan-to-value ratio to 53.4 per cent as compared with the end of last year. The property values remain stable. The market is shifting from a place of financial uncertainty to providing opportunities for growth and greater earning capacity. Second quarter of 2024 Income increased by 2 per cent to SEK 634m (620) Operating surplus increased by 3 per cent to SEK 446m (433) Property management income increased by 9 per cent to SEK 240m (220) Unrealised changes in value of properties were SEK 10m (-124) and unrealised changes of value of derivatives were SEK -101m (6) Profit after tax ...