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On Semiconductor Expands Portfolio With SWIR Acquisition

On Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ON) is expanding its footprint in the intelligent image sensing industry by acquiring SWIR Vision Systems, a leading provider of CQD (colloidal quantum-dot-based) short wavelength infrared technology. The acquisition enhances ON's portfolio by integrating advanced SWIR capabilities into its industry-leading Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) sensors, enabling the detection of extended light spectra for unprecedented imaging possibilities. By merging SWIR Vision Systems patented technology with its expertise in silicon-based CMOS manufacturing, the company aims to deliver cost-effective, high-volume SWIR sensors. The acquisition of SWIR Vision will enhance key markets, such as industrial, automotive and defense, with applications ranging from surveillance and machine vision to autonomous vehicle imaging and food inspection. Expanding Portfolio Aids Prospect The latest move reflects ON's focus on ...