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Nokia Optimizes Network Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) recently announced that it has collaborated with stc Group to install Nokia's AI-powered MantaRay Cognitive SON solution for network optimization in Saudi Arabia. This deployment marks a significant leap in the application of AI for telecom network management and automation. Leveraging Nokia's industry-leading solution, stc Group is aiming to develop a range of AI-driven capabilities to drive digital transformation across the country. The growing number of connected devices and the use of high bandwidth intensive applications are adding complexity to networks. Managing this increasing complexity and capitalizing on the full potential of 5G is a challenge for communications service providers (CSPs). Nokia's MantaRay Cognitive SON solution with AI capabilities addresses these challenges by efficiently automating network operations. It allows CSPs to seize the full potential of existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks while facilitating a smooth transition to 5G. The solution leverages self-configuring modules that automate configuration tasks, ensuring efficiency amid growing complexity. The solution can be customized to specific software applications and unique operational challenges. Additionally, its self-healing feature automates fault resolution, accelerates maintenance and minimizes outage times. Intelligent RAN energy management automates energy saving. Cognitive SON switches the burden of ...