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How To Earn $500 A Month From AZZ Stock Ahead Of Q1 Earnings Report

AZZ Inc. (NYSE:AZZ) will release earnings results for its first quarter, after the closing bell on Wednesday, July 10. Analysts expect the Fort Worth, Texas-based company to report quarterly earnings at $1.28 per share, up from $1.14 per share in the year-ago period. AZZ expects to post revenue of $399.38 million for the quarter, according to data from Benzinga Pro. On June 27, AZZ announced a fiscal year 2025 first-quarter cash dividend of 17 cents per share. With the recent buzz around AZZ, some investors may be eyeing potential gains from the company's dividends, too. AZZ currently offers an annual dividend yield of 0.90%. That’s a quarterly dividend of 17 cents per share (68 cents a year). So, how can investors exploit its dividend yield to pocket ...