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A Legacy of Passion and Prestige: Mark Hamish Lochtenberg's Architectural Jewel in Tamarack, Idaho Presented by City of Trees Real Estate

Tamarack, ID July 03, 2024 --( In the early days of Tamarack Resort's development, one visionary was already shaping what would become one of the most prestigious properties in the area. Mark Hamish Lochtenberg, a renowned figure in mining and coal trading and former head of Glencore Coal, chose the untamed beauty of Idaho's mountains to construct a retreat now offered by City of Trees Real Estate Born in Scotland and educated in Britain at prestigious institutions such as Stonyhurst College and Liverpool University, Lochtenberg’s life has been one of global influence and acclaim. His home in Tamarack, designed by the multi-award-winning Australian architect Dale Jones-Evans and built in 2011 ...