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Nokia, Telefonica Unite to Boost Spain's Private Network

Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) recently announced a three-year agreement with Telefonica, S.A (NYSE: TEF), to develop the private 5G network market in Spain. The collaborative effort is expected to advance telecommunications infrastructure in the European country and expand market opportunities in the private network sector. Private networks, which offer dedicated connectivity to specific users or organizations, are gaining recognition due to their superior reliability, security, and customization capabilities compared to traditional public networks. Under this agreement, Nokia will deploy 100 Digital Automation Cloud, Modular Private Wireless and MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) solutions. These deployments will likely enable its industrial digitalization platform to help industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and logistics meet critical needs. It further aims to simplify digital transformation within these industries by delivering a secure, reliable and high-performing wireless infrastructure, with on-premises computing capabilities for tapping into real-time OT data. This advancement is expected to improve productivity, worker safety ...