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Neuronetics Expands NeuroStar Portfolio With New Launch

Neuronetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: STIM) recently announced the nationwide launch of the Better Me Provider (BMP) program. The BMP program will be a part of the company's NeuroStar product line. The providers participating in the program are expected to maintain correct standards, developed in collaboration with a network of transcranial magnetic stimulation medical experts. The latest development will help Neuronetics meet new standards and improve treatment accessibility within the mental health industry. About BMP Program Better Me Provider Program is an extensive commercial initiative to support practices committed to meeting patient care and responsiveness standards. These standards are developed in collaboration with TMS medical experts, ensuring prompt response times by a dedicated NeuroStar coordinator, who advises patients about the benefits of the entire course of NeuroStar treatment, along with optimizing websites and social media content to educate patients. It is designed to help people with major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxious depression. More on the News In the initial days of the trial, the BMP program showed success by significantly increasing provider efficiency and responsiveness. The trial result validated that the BMP program significantly accelerated patient engagement by swiftly addressing interested patients. Through advanced training of the providers and improved response time, the company is expecting to ...