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Motorola Buys Noggin to Boost Operational Resilience

Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) has acquired Noggin, a global provider of cloud-based business continuity planning, operational resilience and critical event management software. The buyout aligns with Motorola's ongoing efforts to bolster its emergency coordination solutions, reinforcing its position in the public safety and enterprise security sectors. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Noggin serves a diverse global clientele with its integrated platform designed to anticipate, prepare for and respond to incidents efficiently. The platform's features, such as flexible workflows, built-in maps and situational awareness dashboards, streamline incident management and enhance business resilience. The acquisition complements Motorola's portfolio, adding robust business continuity planning and CEM capabilities that make enterprise security more accessible and actionable. Industry experts note that the acquisition is particularly timely, given the increasing complexity and frequency of global threats. The integration of Noggin's software enables more effective communication and unified procedures during incidents, thereby strengthening operational resilience across ...