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Heartburn Drug Zantac Litigation: GSK And Other Pharma Giants Face Trial Over Cancer Claims

A Delaware judge has dismissed a request from GSK Plc (NYSE:GSK) and other pharmaceutical companies to appeal a ruling that allows over 70,000 lawsuits alleging the heartburn drug Zantac causes cancer to proceed. This ruling, made by Judge Vivian Medinilla of the Delaware Superior Court, means the drugmakers—Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE), Sanofi SA (NASDAQ:SNY), and Boehringer Ingelheim—must seek permission directly from the Delaware Supreme Court to appeal. GSK confirmed it has already submitted its appeal. Also Read: Pfizer Agrees To Settle Over 10,000 Lawsuits About Cancer Risks Associated With Discontinued Heartburn Drug Zantac. If the state high court rejects the appeal, the Zantac lawsuits will advance to trial. Jennifer Moore, a ...