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5 Stocks With Recent Price Strength to Boost Your Portfolio

Wall Street maintained its northbound journey in June. All three major stock indexes — the Dow, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite — posted their seventh positive month in eight. However, a few stocks have shown price strength. We have primarily targeted stocks that have recently been on a bull run. Such stocks have a high chance of carrying the momentum forward. If a stock is continuously witnessing an uptrend, there must be a solid reason or it would have probably crashed. So, looking at stocks capable of beating the benchmark that they have set for themselves seems rational. However, recent price strength alone cannot create magic. Therefore, other relevant parameters are needed to create a successful investment strategy. Here's how you should create the screen to shortlist the current as well as the potential winners. Screening Parameters: Percentage Change in Price (4 Weeks) greater than zero: This criterion shows that the stock has moved higher in the last four weeks. Percentage Change Price (12 Weeks) greater than 10: This indicates that the stock has seen momentum over the last three months. This lowers the risk of choosing stocks that may have drawn attention due to the overwhelming performance of the overall market in a very short period. Zacks Rank 1: No matter whether market conditions are good or bad, stocks with a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) have a proven history of outperformance. Average Broker Rating 1: This indicates that brokers are also highly hopeful about the stock's future performance. Current Price greater than 5: The stocks must all be trading at a minimum of $5. Current Price/ 52-Week High-Low Range more than 85%: This criterion filters stocks that are trading near ...