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Peer To Peer Network, aka Mobicard™ Announces Effective Form C Filing with the SEC and Launch of Reg CF Crowdfunding Campaign

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peer To Peer Network, Inc., also known as Mobicard Inc. (OTC:PTOP), is thrilled to announce that its Form C has been officially filed and made effective with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This marks the commencement of our Reg CF crowdfunding campaign, offering an unprecedented opportunity for non-accredited investors to purchase stock directly from the company at a discount to the current market price. Click the link here to check it out: Home | Peer To Peer Network ( Groundbreaking Investment Opportunity for Non-Accredited Investors For the first time, non-accredited investors have the chance to invest directly in Peer To Peer Network, also known as Mobicard™ (Stock ticker Symbol: PTOP) for as little as $250. This initiative is a significant step towards democratizing investment opportunities, allowing a broader spectrum of individuals to participate in the potential growth and success of our company. By offering our stock at a discounted rate compared to the market price, we are making it more accessible for everyday investors to join us in our journey. We encourage all of our current shareholders to invest at least the minimum amount to maintain a momentum that we believe will generate an immeasurable amount of profit for all. We also encourage new shareholders to take advantage of this opportunity. With the Reg CF exemption effective with the SEC, PTOP can now advertise the stock for sale on social media or anywhere on the web. This usually means greater visibility for the stock, as well as more funding for paid advertising. This raise will only allow for $120,000. We ...