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Why Is Cancer Vaccine Developer Elicio Therapeutics Stock Trading Lower On Friday?

Thursday, Elicio Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ELTX) released new preliminary data from the ongoing AMPLIFY-7P Phase 1a study of its off-the-shelf investigational therapeutic cancer vaccine candidate, ELI-002 7P. The preliminary data showed patients receiving ELI-002 7P at the Phase 2 dose of 4.9mg AMP-peptide were yet to reach the median disease-free survival (DFS) endpoint as of the May 24, 2024 data cutoff date. The AMPLIFY-7P study is evaluating the 7-peptide formulation ELI-002 7P in patients with mKRAS-driven solid tumors following standard locoregional treatment. Data were based on May 24, 2024, data cutoff date of 14 patients with minimal ...