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3 Dividend-Yielding Large-Cap Stocks Under $10: Nokia, Ericsson, Sirius XM

For investors seeking value, stability, and income, dividend-yielding large-cap stocks under $10 can be an attractive option. These stocks not only offer substantial market caps but also provide solid dividend yields, making them appealing to both income-focused and value-oriented investors. We filtered stocks using the Scanner tool on Benzinga Pro, to shortlist large-cap stocks that trade under $10 a share, have a dividend yield over 2% and have a 14-day average trading volume of over 10 million. Source: Benzinga Pro Scanner Here are three stocks that fit the bill, offering reliable dividends and significant market capitalizations. 1. Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) Price: $3.795 Market Cap: $20.91B Dividend Yield: 3.40% Nokia, a global leader in ...