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Metro Vancouver Properties Corp. announces results of a vote in favour of a share consolidation and going private transaction

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metro Vancouver Properties Corp. ("Metro Vancouver"), a Vancouver-based real estate company announces the results of a vote held at the special meeting of shareholders in favour of completing the previously announced going private transaction (the "Transaction") by way of a share consolidation. The vote in favour of the Transaction was approved by 94.63% of the votes cast by holders of Metro Vancouver's Class B Voting Common Shares (the "Class B Shares"), excluding the votes cast by Madison Pacific Properties Inc. and its related entities and their joint actors. The share consolidation is expected to be completed on or about July 4, 2024. Under the share consolidation, all Class B Shares are being consolidated on the basis of one post-consolidation Class B Share for each 1,941,489 pre-consolidation Class B ...