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Bank of America Analyst Highlights Fed Stress Test Opacity, Varying Bank Impacts: 'Goldman Sachs Worst Hit, Huntington Best'

The latest Federal Reserve stress test results have highlighted “the inherent opacity” of the Fed evaluation process, according to Bank of America analyst Ebrahim H. Poonawala. The tests, which assess the resilience of banks under severe economic scenarios, revealed a wide range of impacts on minimum capital requirements. Overall, they demonstrated that the institutions have sufficient buffers to weather the storm, albeit with higher-than-expected losses. Bank Of America’s Key Insights From the Stress Test Results ‘Goldman Sachs Worst Hit’: Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) experienced the largest year-over-year increase in its stress capital buffer (SCB), rising by 100 basis points (bps), which could poses a negative impact on return on equity (ROE) and slower share buybacks in the latter half of 2024, according to Bank of America. Poonawala maintains a Buy rating on Goldman Sachs, confident in the stock’s long-term prospects. Wells Fargo Well-Positioned: Wells Fargo & ...