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Mastering Earnings Season: Join Sami Abusaad's Exclusive Virtual Event

Discover how to maximize your trading potential during earnings season with Sami Abusaad, director of education at T3 Live. On June 27, at 10 AM EST, Abusaad will host a Benzinga virtual event, ‘How to Trade Earnings Season,’ designed to equip traders of all levels with practical strategies for navigating this crucial market period. Earnings season is a crucial time for traders, offering numerous opportunities for profitable trades. Abusaad, a professional day and swing trader, will share his methods for optimizing trading decisions during this period. His techniques help traders identify promising stocks and execute well-timed trades. Practical Trading Insights Abusaad's approach includes using the 20 and 200-day moving averages to pick stocks. He has pointed out that many traders misunderstand moving averages, but they can be powerful tools when used ...