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Ericsson Solution to Help Optimize Energy Consumption

Ericsson's (NASDAQ: ERIC) latest innovation, the Site Energy Orchestration solution, is poised to revolutionize how telecom networks are powered, bringing significant energy savings and operational efficiencies to businesses. The Site Energy Orchestration solution acts as an intelligent interface between the radio access network (RAN) and power grids. By leveraging machine learning and AI-powered RAN applications, RAN data and external data interfacing, the solution enables communication service providers (CSPs) to cluster and orchestrate network sites as a virtual power plant. This approach allows CSPs to participate in diverse utility plans across markets, optimizing energy use and opening new revenue streams. The energy crisis, exacerbated by extreme weather conditions, highlights the urgent need for smarter energy grid management. As businesses increasingly rely on electric-powered vehicles and renewables, matching power generation with consumption becomes crucial. Ericsson's solution helps CSPs tackle these challenges by optimizing cell sites' energy consumption patterns to avoid peak charges, channeling energy only when needed and incorporating renewables and energy storage solutions. According to the 2024 GSMA report, passive infrastructure alone accounts for 29% of global telecom energy consumption, with CSPs spending 10-25% of operational expenditure on energy. Ericsson's solution can significantly reduce these costs. The company's commercial operations have shown substantial reductions in ...