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Will Novo Nordisk Building Fires Serve As A Catalyst For Eli Lilly? Redditors See A Stock Split For US Company 'Very Likely'

Eli Lilly And Co (NYSE:LLY) might see a significant boost due to supply issues at competitor Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE:NVO), according to Reddit user serkankster. $LLY up potential byu/serkankster instocks It was noted that Eli Lilly’s weight loss drug Zepbound resolved previous supply issues, especially in major cities. The Redditor highlighted recent fires at Novo Nordisk’s facilities could further limit their supply, potentially benefiting Eli Lilly. Redditor serkankster commented, “The revenues of $LLY has mostly been driven by the GLP-1 weight loss drug which was experiencing a lot of supply issues.” The user also speculated on ...