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Pure Storage's SLAs Bolster Cyber Resilient Services

Pure Storage, Inc. (NYSE: PSTG) recently announced three cutting-edge Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) service-level agreements (SLAs) for the Pure Storage platform to aid enterprises in ensuring data protection and infrastructure resilience. The initiative is likely to allow businesses to guarantee results and cut down risk in their critical data infrastructure. As AI is bringing significant changes to the business world, both for better and for worse, the rise in cyber attacks is becoming prominent. Therefore, the need for flexible and responsive IT infrastructure has never been more pressing. Evergreen architecture, which forms a premium part of PSTG's offerings, delivers continuous and non-disruptive upgrades to aid enterprises in adapting to dynamic business environments. The company's Evergreen//One subscription will now include disaster recovery scenarios. The new Cyber Recovery and Resilience SLA expands on PSTG's pioneering ransomware recovery SLA by incorporating disaster recovery scenarios. This service provides a customized recovery plan, ships clean service infrastructure within a defined SLA and includes onsite installation and additional professional services for data transfer, highlighted PSTG. Furthermore, PSTG will join forces with organizations to build and maintain an end-to-end cybersecurity strategy, with ongoing quarterly reviews to ensure optimal practices, risk evaluations and operational security remediation. In addition to the enhanced Cyber Recovery and Resilience SLA, PSTG has introduced a new Security Assessment service. This offering provides deeper insights into fleet-level security risks and optimizes cyber resilience with actionable ...