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Nestle Carefully Targets Weight-Loss Drug Users with New Food Line

Last month, Nestlé SA (OTC:NSRGF) (OTC:NSRGY) unveiled Vital Pursuit, a new line of foods designed to complement GLP-1 weight loss medications and aid consumers focused on weight management.  The European food giant said the company will not mention the weight loss drugs on the packaging. Tom Moe, President of Meals at Nestle USA, stated that the company’s Vital Pursuit line would be marketed primarily through social media to avoid regulatory issues. “We won’t directly make the connection (to the drugs) on the food package,” Moe emphasized in a Reuters report. This decision highlights the regulatory uncertainties that global food companies face when targeting the growing market of people using appetite-suppressing medications, such as Novo Nordisk A/S’s (NYSE:NVS) Wegvoy and Eli Lilly And Co’s (NYSE:LLY) Zepbound. The medications, known ...