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Growth Stocks Leave Value Stocks In The Dust: 4 Reasons For Biggest Monthly Lead In Over A Year

Growth stocks are experiencing a remarkable resurgence, posting their best month in over a year when compared to value stocks, as the rally in tech and mega caps continues to dominate market dynamics. The iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETF (NYSE:IWF) has surged by 6.5% so far in June 2024. This gain puts it on track for its seventh month of increases in the last eight. Investors have shown elevated confidence in growth-oriented sectors, particularly technology, which continues to benefit from strong earnings reports, heightened expectations for future cash flows and positive market sentiment, especially towards AI-related industries. In stark contrast, the iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF (NYSE:IWD), representing the other major equity style, has declined by 1.4% in June. This divergence highlights the challenges facing value stocks, which typically encompass sectors like financials, energy, utilities, and consumer staples. These sectors have struggled to attract investor interest due to their less impressive performance and subdued earnings expectations. The performance gap between growth and value in June 2024 stands at a striking 7.9 percentage points, marking the most substantial monthly performance difference since May 2023. ...