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Is It Wise to Retain SBA Communications Stock for Now?

SBA Communications' (NASDAQ: SBAC) extensive and geographically diverse communication real estate portfolio is well-poised to benefit from wireless carriers' high capital spending for network expansion amid accelerated 5G network deployment efforts. Portfolio expansion moves, backed by a solid balance sheet position, augur well. However, notable customer concentration and high interest rates raise concerns. What's Aiding SBAC? The advancement in mobile technology, such as 4G and 5G networks, and the proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications have driven the growth in mobile data usage globally. This has resulted in wireless service providers and carriers expanding their networks and deploying additional equipment for existing networks to boost network coverage and capacity to meet the rising consumer demand, poising tower real estate investment trusts like SBA Communications well for growth. The company has a resilient and stable site-leasing business model and generates most of its revenues from long-term (typically five to 10 years) tower leases that have built-in rent escalators. This assures steady revenues over the long term. Moreover, with wireless service providers continuing to lease additional antenna space on the company's towers amid the increase in network use, data transfer, network expansion and network coverage requirements, its site-leasing revenue growth is likely ...