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KBR Wins $46M Key Infrastructure Contract From Iraqi Government

KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) has secured a significant five-year contract, valued at $46 million, to bolster Iraq's infrastructure and energy sector. This contract, awarded by the Iraqi Government's Ministry of Planning, underscores KBR's pivotal role in advancing Iraq's economic and social landscape through the delivery of strategic megaprojects and sustainable development initiatives. Under the contract terms, KBR will leverage its expertise in advisory and consultancy services to support the ministry's efforts in economic planning, strategy development, feasibility studies, technical reviews, and large-scale project management. This initiative aims to create an effective program environment conducive to the successful execution of Iraq's ambitious infrastructure projects. KBR's president of Sustainable Technology Solutions, Jay Ibrahim, emphasized the company's commitment to fostering regeneration and sustainable growth within Iraq. The contract also involves establishing an operational office in Baghdad and creating an engineering design center to enhance the skills of local Iraqi engineers. This move not only solidifies KBR's presence in the region but also aligns with Iraq's long-term vision for growth and environmental stewardship. KBR's involvement will ...