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Obesity In Children - US Parents Face Tough Time To Access Recommended Treatment, Though Novo Nordisk's Drug Still Sees Strong Demand

Many U.S. parents seeking help for their child with obesity face challenges accessing the recommended treatment. Leading medical groups advocate for intensive behavioral counseling, requiring 26 hours within a year to teach healthier eating and activity habits. Also Read: Novo Nordisk Sues Additional US Clinics Against Fake Semaglutide Products Used For Weight Loss, Diabetes. However, as numerous doctors and parents have noted, these programs are often unavailable, have long waitlists, are not covered by insurance, and require significant time commitments. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that fewer than 1% of the nearly 15 million children with obesity receive such structured care, Reuters reported. Efforts to expand insurance coverage have stalled. “The coverage for these programs was never good, ...