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Jeff Bezos moves to calm concerns at The Washington Post as new publisher faces mounting ethics questions

CNN  —  Jeff Bezos, the billionaire owner of The Washington Post, broke his silence Tuesday on the mounting turmoil within his newspaper, expressing support for maintaining high standards at the storied publication as questions swirl over the ethical integrity of its new publisher, Will Lewis. “I know you’ve already heard this from Will, but I wanted to also weigh in directly: the journalistic standards and ethics at The Post will not change,” Bezos said in an email to top newsroom leaders, signaling support for Lewis, though not explicitly. Bezos added in the memo, which was obtained by CNN, that “it can’t be business as usual” at The Post, which has been plagued by financial and audience woes. Will Lewis, founder of The News Movement, at the publisher's headquarters in London, UK, on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023. Carlotta Cardana/Bloomberg/Getty Images “The world is evolving rapidly and we do need to change as a business. With your support, we’ll do that and lead this great institution into the future,” Bezos wrote. “But, as the newsroom leaders who’ve been shaping and guiding our coverage, you also know our standards at The Post have always been very high. That can’t change — and it won’t.” “You have my full commitment on maintaining the quality, ethics, and standards we all believe in,” Bezos added. The memo to the Post’s top personnel comes after serious questions were raised about Lewis, who has been the subject of several explosive reports in recent days that raise questions over whether he is committed to the newspaper’s rigorous journalistic standards.