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EchoNous Announces Sale of 157 Units of Kosmos Ultrasound Technology to Madrid's Primary Care System

MADRID, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EchoNous, a leader in AI-enabled point-of-care ultrasound systems (POCUS), is excited to announce the installation of 157 Kosmos units in more than 150 primary care centers across Madrid, Spain. Known for its portability and user-friendly design, the handheld Kosmos system simplifies access to diagnostic-grade ultrasound imaging, allowing users of almost all experience levels to perform accurate ultrasound assessments. The installation is part of Spain's ongoing initiative to expand the capabilities of its primary care centers and reduce congestion in its hospital system. Traditionally, Spanish citizens have relied on hospitals to undergo ultrasound examinations, from standard check-ups to emergency care. As a result, many hospitals have become severely overcrowded, often forcing new patients to wait several months for ultrasound examinations, which are required for accurate diagnoses of myriad conditions. By empowering primary care physicians with Kosmos, Madrid's healthcare system aims to make primary care centers the first ...