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Zimmer Biomet Advances in GenAI Technology With RevelAi

Zimmer Biomet (NYSE: ZBH) and RevelAi Health accepted a multi-year co-marketing agreement to commercialize generative artificial intelligence-powered engagement solutions, which, in turn, should help the advancement of value-based orthopedic care and health equity. The partnership is aimed at making orthopedic care more accessible to underserved and vulnerable populations as well as helping clinicians achieve maximum value-based outcomes. This will, in a way, increase Zimmer Biomet's customer reach by helping the company to get involved in social causes and cater to clinician problems in a better way. More on the Partnership Throughout this agreement, Zimmer Biomet will commercialize RevelAi's patient care-management platform, care team dashboard for providers and other future products or services. RevelAi is optimistic about the deal and noted that using AI with Zimmer Biomet's innovative technology is a perfect way to address socio-demographic inequality to get equal value-based outcomes. RevelAi's AI-enabled asynchronous care model provides personalized, timely and effective patient care while reducing clinician burnout. The collaboration is a significant move to provide the necessary aid that every patient deserves. About RevelAi Health RevelAi Health is a software-as-a-service health technology company specializing in unique generative AI population health solutions. It helps healthcare providers to adopt value-based care with the use of a large language model. The company also meets the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requirements, including Patient Reported Outcome measures ...