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Visa Enhances SavingsEdge for Small Business Cardholders

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) unveiled the revamped Visa SavingsEdge program with new integrated features in a bid to promote smarter spending and generate increased savings for eligible Visa Business credit, debit and reloadable prepaid cardholders across the United States and Canada. The program was initially launched in 2008 and continues to offer rebates to eligible cardholders on qualifying purchases across the participating merchant network. For more than a decade, Visa SavingsEdge has offered savings, tools and resources for supporting the growth prospects of Small Business cardholders. It provides opportunities to generate savings via the facilities of Instant Coupons and Cashback Offers.  Instant Coupons offer discounts via a code at the point of sale without needing to link a card while Cashback Offers give discounts as statement credits when cardholders link their eligible Visa Business card and use it for qualifying purchases. These discounts appear as credits on future account statements. As part of the latest set of enhancement announcements, Visa SavingsEdge currently comes with an upgraded program website equipped with enhanced features and functionality. Instant Coupons and Cashback Offers have expanded to include new merchant deals across various categories such as travel, restaurants, electronics, business services and more. The enhanced program makes provision for receiving instant alerts whenever participating cardholders earn cashback on eligible purchases. ...