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Suzano Buys 15% Stake in Lenzing to Boost Market Presence

Suzano S.A. (NYSE: SUZ) announced that it acquired a 15% stake in Lenzing (OTC: LNZNF) from its current majority stakeholder, B&C Group. This move will help Suzano gain proximity to new markets. The deal was set at 230 million euros ($249 million). Suzano and B&C will form a long-term syndicate to hold a 52.25% stake in the Vienna-based cellulosic fibers supplier company. B&C will hold the majority of the stake (37.25%) and remain the controlling member of the new syndicate. Under the deal, Suzano can acquire a further 15% stake in Lenzing from B&C until 2028. Lenzing is a global supplier of premium cellulosic fibers for the textile and non-woven industry. This deal will further strengthen Lenzing's position as a global market leader for sustainable cellulosic fibers. SUZ aims to boost Lenzing's position with its established technology, product range and technical knowledge. SUZ will gain from Lenzing's deep-rooted understanding of pulp production and ...