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South32's GEMCO Shutdown Sparks Manganese Price Rally: Market Faces Prolonged Supply Constraint

Manganese, a crucial component in steelmaking and battery production, has emerged as an outperforming metal in 2024, driven by soaring demand and significant supply disruptions. While year-to-date gold is up 18.7%, silver 21.6%, and tin surged a remarkable 28%, manganese rallied almost 33%, making it one of the best critical mineral performers. This metal (symbol Mn, atomic number 25) is not found freely in nature but occurs in combination with iron and other minerals. It plays an important role in steelmaking, where it strengthens the metal and reduces brittleness. Additionally, manganese is used in batteries and aluminum alloys, making it a crucial element in various industrial applications. See Also: Canada Adds 3 New Minerals To Critical List For Economic, Energy Future The supply side of manganese took a major hit when a cyclone severely damaged crucial ...