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Investment Opportunity: PlantForm Corporation Seeks $25M to Accelerate Plant-Based Medical Breakthroughs

San Francisco, California, USA, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- US Capital Global Securities LLC, an SEC-registered affiliate of renowned global financial group US Capital Global, is pleased to present eligible investors with a unique investment opportunity to participate in an investment round of up to $25 million for PlantForm Corporation ("PlantForm" or the "Company"). Based in Toronto, Canada, PlantForm is at the forefront of innovative biotechnology, developing plant-based medical countermeasures against key terrorism threats like ricin and sarin gas, as well as other key medical breakthroughs. Utilizing their proprietary vivoXPRESS® technology, which employs the genetically engineered Nicotiana Benthamiana plant, PlantForm can rapidly produce high-value biosimilars and specialty antibody protein drugs with significantly reduced costs—up to 90% lower than traditional methods. The Company's portfolio includes biosimilars of market-leading drugs such as Keytruda® for oncology and Lucentis® for age-related macular degeneration, with applications extending to novel nerve agent countermeasures. "PlantForm is at an important inflection point in its international growth as we continue developing low-cost versions of current drugs for the multi-billion dollar biosimilar market," said Dr. Don Stewart, PlantForm's ...