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Wall Street Journal: Latam Air flight plunge might have been caused by a mistake in the cockpit

New York CNN  —  A terrifying plunge on a Latam Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight earlier this week might have been caused by a mistake made in the cockpit, and not any flaw in the Boeing jet, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The Journal report, which cites unnamed US industry officials briefed on preliminary evidence from an investigation of the incident, said that a flight attendant may have mistakenly hit a switch on the pilot’s seat while serving a meal, leading a motorized feature to push the pilot into the controls and push down the plane’s nose. The pilot eventually recovered control and landed the plane safely. Dozens of passengers were injured when the plane plunged, as some were thrown to the ceiling of the cabin. One passenger told the media that a pilot had told him he had lost control of the plane when “my gauges just kind of went blank on me.” That comment suggested a new safety issue for Boeing, which as been struggling with years of safety and quality issues around its commercial jets. CNN has yet to be able to confirm the Journal’s report. Boeing did not comment on the report.