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Harvard ‘absolutely failed’ to comply with unprecedented subpoena in antisemitism probe, House Education Committee chair says

CNN  —  Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Republican chairwoman of the House Education Committee, said Tuesday that Harvard University has failed to comply with her unprecedented subpoena for documents on campus antisemitism. Foxx said in a statement that her committee is now “weighing an appropriate response to Harvard’s malfeasance.” “Harvard has absolutely failed to comply in good faith with the Committee’s subpoena for information about antisemitism on its campus,” Foxx said. Harvard turned over another trove of documents about campus antisemitism to Congress on Monday evening. The Ivy League school had faced a 5 pm ET deadline to respond to the Education Committee’s subpoena – the first to a university since the committee was founded in March 1867. Foxx argued that heavy redactions by Harvard made several documents “useless,” while many others were duplicates of documents previously submitted. “I don’t know if its arrogance, ineptness, or indifference that’s guiding Harvard. Regardless, its actions to date are shameful,” Foxx said. Harvard officials were not immediately available to comment. This is a developing story and will be updated.