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Facing unprecedented subpoena, Harvard submits more documents to Congress in antisemitism probe

CNN  —  Harvard University turned over another trove of documents about campus antisemitism to Congress on Monday evening in response to an unprecedented subpoena from the House Education and Workforce Committee. Harvard was facing a 5 pm ET Monday deadline to respond to the subpoena, the first issued since the House Education Committee was founded in March 1867. It’s not clear whether the latest round of documents will satisfy Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Republican chairwoman of the committee who has accused Harvard of “obstructing” her investigation into campus antisemitism. “Harvard has produced documents in response to the Committee’s subpoena,” Nick Barley, a spokesperson for the House Education Committee, told CNN on Monday evening. “The Committee is currently reviewing those documents.” If Harvard had not responded, the committee would have had to consider further steps to enforce its subpoena. Harvard confirmed to CNN it submitted additional documents to Congress on Monday. University spokesperson Jason Newton said Harvard continues to respond “in good faith” to the committee’s inquiry, adding that it has now provided nearly 4,900 pages of information through 11 rounds of document submissions since January. That response, according to Newton, includes “non-public information and internal communications” that the committee has requested. “Harvard denounced antisemitism on our campus and have made clear that the University will continue to take actions to combat antisemitism in any form,” Newton said. “This includes ongoing efforts to engage with and learn from students, faculty and staff to identify the causes of antisemitic behaviors and address them when they occur on our campus.” Harvard previously indicated it would cooperate with the investigation, though the university did not say whether it would try to fight the subpoenas in court. Harvard said its cooperation would include “protecting the legitimate privacy, safety and security concerns of our community.” Three different Harvard officials were subpoenaed on February 16: Alan Garber, Harvard’s interim president; Penny Pritzker, the billionaire leader of the Harvard Corporation, the school’s governing board; and N.P. Narvekar, the CEO of the Harvard Management Company. The subpoena instructed Harvard to produce documents in 11 key areas that Foxx said would shed light on what steps the university is taking and previously took to keep Jewish students safe. Those requested documents include reports of antisemitic acts since early 2021, communications related to disciplinary action involving antisemitism, all documents and communications involving top Harvard officials relating to antisemitism and all meeting minutes since early 2021 of Harvard’s top boards.