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ATF Affiliate Program

We pay commissions of 15%
We pay commissions on all evaluation plans.
We pay recurring commissions for the life of the customer
We even pay commissions on resets. This is something that, to our knowledge,no one else does.

Earn Recurring Commissions

When you refer a person to our website, using your link from your site, email, or social media, and they buy within 6 months, you get lifetime credit for that customer. Also, you can use custom affiliate coupons to increase your sales and conversion.

Also make sure to request your own coupon code you can share in the help desk as this will also track customers to you and increase conversations (Do not use other coupon codes). As a bonus if someone existing uses your coupon code then you get credit for that evaluation and any of its resets.

Great Conversion Rates

Our excellent conversion rates are among the best in the industry, as our plans are cheaper, rules are easier, and payouts are higher, so the people you refer are more likely to buy. We also provide statistics and conversion tracking tools in your back office.

Start earning Today

Our payment schedule is set for the 15th of each month, covering commissions earned over $100 from the previous month. Additionally, our system will automatically deactivate any affiliate whose commissions for the last 30 days are under $100.

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